OmusubiCoin Airdrop campaign

Planning outline

Depending on the usage situation and expected number of times, we will make an airdrop on the coin!


Rate: Application 1 pt = 1 MSB

Distribution quantity: 200 million (200 million)

Please download from here.


Earning Method 1: Basic

We will give points by voting the forecast by the application.
Points occur in each of the 7 currencies.

Number of points earned with forecast: 1 currency = 30 pt

That is, it becomes 30 × 7 = 210 pt / day.

Earn Method 2: Increase

If expectations are correct, we will double the points (30 pts) that occurred when we voted for the currency we made it.

In other words, you can earn 210 pts per day by forecast and you can earn 420 points if all expectations are hit.

Payout method

When you open the menu at the top left of the application, there is a menu called “キャンペーン詳細”.
Please complete the Waves address and necessary information on the bottom of this page and complete by pushing the “払い出し” button at the top.

Required information

Waves ID = Waves Wallet address
Waves of Waves are required for receipt.
Please enter Waves information in this form

メールアドレス = mail address
Please enter a valid email address

性別 = sex
For men, “男性”
In the case of women, “女性”

誕生日 = birthday
Please enter your birthday

お住まい = Residence
Please select the bottom item of the pulldown

職業 = Profession
Please select the bottom item of the pulldown

保存 = save date

The point of the application can be exchanged from 5000 Pt to a coin.
For example, if you have 5100 pts, it will be paid out at 5100 pts and you can not decide the amount of money you want voluntarily.

Campaign detail page image


Please note that you can not make a payout if the Waves address is incorrect.
Also, if information is corrected after distribution, we will redistribute it by receiving 0.04 waves.

Even if you have a point that can be withdrawn when airdrop distribution amount has become the upper limit or airdrop period has passed, we can not respond to air drop.
Also, points you earn will disappear with the end of the campaign.


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